I'll assume you're here because you like that sort of thing.

Hi. I'm Nolan.

I'm a game developer in Shreveport, and I love arcades. I love the real social connections of local co-op. I love that controllers are designed for their games instead of the other way around. I love big, beautiful side art. I love the warm glow of a marquee. I love the line of quarters on the bezel. I love hating the guy with every high score. I love drinking and playing games with my friends without having to cleanup later.

I love them so much that in early 2015, I started making arcade machines to house my own games and the games my friends were making. For a few years after that, I tried raising funds to open a bar/arcade where people could come play all of the games our city has to offer. That never happened, but you can still find some of those machines around town.

If you're a game developer in the Shreveport-Bossier area (or farther) who wants to see your arcade dreams realized, send me an email. If you want to play some of the games I've made or put in an arcade machine, check out this map of machine locations, or visit the Shreveport Arcade page. If you're interested in any of the other stuff I do, check out